Life Coaching - A Therapist's View

Updated: May 28, 2020

What is Life Coaching?

It can be said that life coaching can be similar to a coach on a sports team or a physical trainer. Coaches or trainers are needed in those realms to help hone in on a certain skill or help their players or clients be more proficient at achieving a certain goal.

Life coaching is similar but also very different. Life coaching specifically centers around a person's life and their specific life goals. The kind of life coaching I am invested in involves (among many other things) transforming the thought patterns, beliefs and stories we have been taught, told or seen around us. Life coaching is not only about changing people's lives but guiding and teaching skills for long term transformation.

I believe life coaching is immensely helpful because many in today's Western society were not taught or modeled healthy ways to cope with the struggles and pain of life, and sometimes even happiness or success. For instance, a statistic that blew my mind recently was that 83% of families have dysfunctional or unhealthy ways of communicating. 83%!

Another piece of research cited ...

96 percent of all families to be to some degree 'dysfunctional' - that is, the system by which the family interacts is distorted by the addictions and compulsions of one or more members and, so, ignores the needs of each individual....It is the 'don't trust, don't feel' rules in such families that lead the children into their own self-destructive patterns. . . . *

96 percent! Therefore, 96% of Americans are in need of some kind of guidance and education on healthy ways of communicating; challenging perceptions and beliefs; become aware of and changing behavioral habits and patterns instead of acting like "everything is okay", "I got this", and "everything is just perfect".

Here are some other examples on why guidance and support from a coach (or therapist) are a must in today's society:

+ Addiction in all realms is continuously on the rise, whether that’s an addiction to substances, people, social media, online dating, sex, food, shopping, porn, etc. Breeding a culture that attempts to both numb and control.

+ The the need for instant gratification, immediate success & grandiose expectations (of ourselves and others).

+ Many people are struggling with their internal dialogue, unhealthy behaviors, dis-ease, irrational and unrealistic decision making, and mindlessness that breeds disconnection and self-sabotage.

+ Overworking to a point of overwhelming stress and anxiety.

+ Inability to stay still or sit with ourselves.

I could go on and on.

Simply said, we all have our "bag of shit" we need to unpack and work through, and this is where a life coach can come in.


I help my clients sift through their "bag of shit" while also guiding, reprogramming and teaching new ways of thinking and living for long term success – essentially reprogramming new identities.

When you work with me, your life will not only change in front of both our eyes, but you will also have the tools to be your own personal coach and inspiration. You will learn how to have success for the long term.

I always tell my clients that I’m not here for the short term game, I’m here for the long term game. I’m here to support you and guide you throughout all of it. Every step of the way.