An Invitation to Surrender

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

How to Let Go During Times of Uncertainty

I believe we are in a time of spiritual surrender.

Some of us have our own opinions about surrender. I know I sure have.

I once thought of surrender as lack of control, a loss, a weakness, a giving up of sorts ...

Webster Dictionary defines surrender as 'giving over power, control or possession of something due to the favor of another or into the power of another.'

However, spiritually, surrender is giving over our power and control back to ourselves. By giving this back to ourselves , we also release power and control over to something greater. As we are all spiritual beings - we all are Divine and filled with Source, Spirit, Universal Energy, God (whatever resonates with you at this time). We are the epitome of surrender. At some point, some of us (including myself) lost this definition of spiritual surrender.

We got lost within the societal structure and programming of the past 100+ years (materialism, mindlessness, manipulation, overconsumption, etc).

This is being restructured ... at this very moment.

We are being asked to surrender to something greater. We are being asked to come face to face with the unknown. We are being asked to release the facade of the power and control we think we have. Because, in reality, we only have a semblance of control.

There have most likely been things in your life you planned but they didn't work out the way you expected. Can you remember a specific situation like this? Do you remember how you reacted? Take a moment now to recount this …

There was something or someone else in the works. We have all had these moments in our lives - rattling our sense of control - to then go right back to it when things begin to "settle" - or they look like (on the outside) that things have "settled" when maybe on the inside, it's completely different.

We are in the midst of a spiritual surrender storm.

Do you feel it?

I know I do.

How do we lean in to surrender? Where do we begin?

  • Come to terms with our Higher Power.

As someone with a history of religious trauma, I understand this can be difficult.

Release what is no longer serving you with this and decide what you're open to in this moment. Here are some suggestions: (Spirit, Source, Source Energy, Universe, Universal Energy, God, Goddess, Allah, Divine, Mother Earth, Creator, Sun/Moon, Unconditional Love).

*And know, if you need any help sifting through this because there is past/present anger, fear, uncertainty, grievances - reach out to me. I can help you gain clarity to this and shift through this, exactly as I have.

  • Begin to speak to this Higher Power as it is within you (because it is).

Speak (inwardly or outwardly) or write on your struggles, your fears, your gratitude, your emotions, your thoughts - everything and anything that is coming up into your experience.