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5 Steps to Cultivate a Nourishing Spiritual Practice

Updated: May 28, 2020

This is an addition to my latest blog post:

Whether you are experienced within your spiritual practices or this is the beginning of your spiritual practice - this is for you. Welcome!

My main advice up front … start small and celebrate yourself every step of the way.

A spiritual practice does not have to take a lot of time, especially if you are just starting out. Here are the 5 steps to cultivate a nourishing spiritual practice:

1. Set aside 3-5 minutes of uninterrupted time.

Anyone can do this - even if you have kiddos. It is okay to tell your family/kiddos to give you 3-5 minutes of alone/quiet time. Some of you might be thinking “Brooke, you have lost your mind - my family would never do such a thing!” Real talk: if this is new to them - it will take some time to adjust (it won't be perfect) and that’s okay. But remember, you are a powerful person. You have the capability to set boundaries with your family/children. Over time, they will understand the importance to you AND it will teach them the importance of taking time for themselves. You can do this.

2. Set your space. Clear any clutter away.

Personally, my space is in my closet. I have an alter with things that cleanse my energy and fill me with joy - candles, sage/palo santo/incense, crystals, mala beads, oracle cards, journal, rocks from CA and seashells from FL. I have a blanket to lay back on if I want to lie down or a large pillow to sit on if I want to sit up.

3. Set the tone. Play relaxing music.

This is really helpful for me. Music grounds me into my space and helps my body to relax. It also gives my often wandering mind something to focus on. A few suggestions: binaural beats; jazz/classical; cleansing space music.

4. Remember the 3 P’s - Permission, Position, Pace of breath

Give yourself Permission to sit within this practice for your desired allotted amount of time. This is important. Find a Position that feels really good to you. One of my meditation teachers, Davidji, always says: “comfort is queen”. If we are not comfortable, then we are most likely not going to come back to the practice. Pace of breath is slow and steady - breathing into the whole entire torso, from the belly up to the collar bones.

Click Here for a short 2 minute video of a breath that is scientifically shown to bring you into a state of peace and relaxation. Plus it was recorded in Tulum, Mexico (I miss that beautiful place dearly). Enjoy!

5. Practice. This is your spiritual practice.

Here are the prompts from the latest blog post to give you some direction:

  • Begin a conversation with your Higher Power (as if he/she/they are a close friend).

  • Speak (inwardly or out loud) or write on your struggles, your fears, your gratitude, your emotions, your thoughts - everything and anything that is coming up into your experience - in this moment. If nothing comes through right away, that’s okay, sit with it for a minute and then see what comes through.

  • Express to your Higher Power what you are ready to surrender (something you can no longer hold on to yourself - fear, worry, grief, anger, hatred, etc).

You can say to yourself or out loud:

"I surrender [my grievances, my concerns, my heartache, my gratitude] over to you ...

I ask that you carry this for me in those moments I cannot ...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ... And so it is."

*[insert what you are surrendering] or use exactly what I have above.

Close in any way that feels good to you. I like to place a hand on my heart and thank myself for giving myself permission to spend this time to connect to something greater than me.

If you have time, you can take this time to journal - free write whatever comes to mind.

*Blow out your candles* - I have sometimes forgotten this … oops!

Step into your day, your afternoon, your evening with a sense of peace and calm. Knowing everything you need is right there. Right inside of you. Waiting for you to take the time to spiritually surrender, to open yourself up to a miracle, to unlimited possibilities. Remind yourself how beautiful and wonderful you truly are.

And off we go into the world feeling a little more lighter than when we stepped out of it.

As always, please reach out with any support you may need. You can contact me HERE.

Feel free to comment below and let me know if this was helpful for you; what you thought; anything and everything! I love hearing from you.

Always here for you.

Sending Love and Light to you today and everyday.

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