Brooke Brasfield

Do you feel that you have the capacity to lead and make an impact in the world but you’re not sure where to start?

If you’re at the very start of your spiritual awakening journey, you might only be able to recognize that something is missing from your life, but you can’t quite articulate what it is. You’re feeling blocked from going after (or even accessing) your big vision for yourself because of fear, anxiety or depression. You want to do something to shift out of this so you can start showing up fully in your life and be the person you know you can be, but right now you’re so consumed by your thoughts and emotions that you’re not sure where to begin or who can help.

This container will give you different ways of thinking and tangible action steps to make shifts so you are able to hold your big vision in your mind and manifest it into this reality. I am here to help you step into your role as a leader.

To me, a leader is someone who is in harmony with their true purpose in this world.

They are someone who is open to changing themselves first to then change the world without external validation or compensation. A leader is willing to let go of everything not in service to their true purpose - to co-create with the universe for complete support, validation and fulfillment within.


When we step into our roles as leaders we:

  • Step into who we are here to be more deeply & authentically.⁣

  • Step into who we are here to serve with a deep knowing & resonance.⁣

  • Step into our unique edge and authenticity we bring to the world.⁣

  • Step into the greater impact we are here to make on the world.⁣

i'm ready to manifest my big vision

The Breakthrough Session is like a mini pick me up.


You aren’t sure if you need or are ready for a 3 month commitment working together but you know that you are ready for something to shift. You desire to have direct access to support and have someone to keep you accountable to exactly what you want in your life. 

We will dive into:

  • Shifting perspectives and any stuck emotions within and around the body.

  • What is keeping you stuck within your head, emotions, relationships, situations, etc.

  • What specific action steps you are ready to take and the support you need to fulfill them.

  • Intuitive guidance and healing modalities to ease any dis-ease, discomfort or pain.

This path is open to everyone. 

When we choose to lead the path....⁣

• We let go of titles, labels, boxes - anything that ourselves or someone else has knowingly or unknowing put us in. We directly or indirectly say no to this. We set boundaries within ourselves and with others. ⁣

• We find strength in getting uncomfortable again and again. ⁣

• We find stability and courage in daily change and evolution.⁣

When we lead from a place of heart, pure love and integrity - we let go of judgments, resentments, criticism, doubts, fear. We instead lead with positive regard, purity and love.⁣

It is that simple. 

Are you currently leading the path? If so, are you fully stepping in to your power? Are you fully stepping into who you are here to be and your impact on the world? Or is something holding you back? If there is, now is the time to take action and start living the life you’ve been dreaming to live.

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My purpose lies in helping both men and women find the pure power, integrity and grit that lies within each and every one of us. It is my mission to guide those who are feeling a little more lost than usual to find their way back to their path. To provide direct and scientific based tools and resources to bring you back to yourself - to who you’ve always been.

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