As a creator, educator and coach, I decided to dive into certain concepts over a period of 5-6 days to educate and open people up to their own understanding and healing of their inner world. This week's topic is on THE EGO! Let's begin ...

"Only the truth of who you are, if realized,

will set you free".


I once thought when someone 'had an ego' that meant they were arrogant, over-confident, a show off or full of themselves. What I have learned is that can be true BUT there is a whole other part of the ego.

The ego, if left unconscious, causes constriction, pain and suffering in our lives.

This unconscious ego holds on to our past, makes us jealous, judgmental, depressed and fearful. It keeps us from knowing or even seeing our true selves.

The development of our ego was important to us as children when we were trying to figure out the world - who is safe, who is unsafe, what do I need to survive, what do I not need, what is mine, what is not mine. It becomes less important as adults because we now inherently know what is safe and what is unsafe.

As adults, the ego attaches to the 'I' and 'my'. It attaches to the past, possessions, achievements, ways of thinking, physical appearance, physical abilities. And there is nothing wrong with this. ⁣⁣⁣

⁣⁣⁣ It only becomes a problem if that's all that you know of yourself.

If that is all that you have to identify yourself and who you are.

Well, what is the ego exactly?

The ego is an identification with something. We get attached to the "I" - me and my stories - successes, failures, acquired/unacquired possessions, victim, successful, unsuccessful. This is no more than a collection of thoughts.

The question is: Are these collection of thoughts who I really am?

I think not, because I believe we can move into knowing ourselves at a deeper level ... If I do not become aware of who am I without the labels, the titles, the possessions, the past programming ... nothing is going to ever be enough.

You might be noticing this in your life today. It might be difficult to find peace in what you have at this moment. As one problem or issue is solved, another seems to rise in its place. The present moment feels constrictive, like you can't breathe at times, running from one thought - one person - one situation as quickly as possible.

This is the unawareness, the unconsciousness of the ego.

We will continue on with how to become aware of this part of the self; how to become more aware of who you truly are and what you truly want in this life; how to move from unconsciousness to consciousness, and so much more.