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Brooke Brasfield



I offer Private Virtual Sessions via Zoom from the comfort of your own home. I am more than happy to offer a scholarship or discounted rate - Email Me to learn more about this wonderful option! I offer the following packages to work with me 1:1:

One Hour Session

+ 1 hour Zoom call 

+ 1 email follow-up with recap & action steps discussed in call


Four Session Package

+ (4) One hour weekly sessions via Zoom

+ Email follow-up with recap & action steps discussed sent after each call

+ Text/voice support available outside scheduled calls






+ (12) One hour weekly sessions via Zoom

+ Email follow-up with recap & action steps discussed sent after each call

+ Text/voice support available outside scheduled calls

*I offer free, no obligation 45 Clarity Calls for those who want to

work with me for more than a single session.

I do this to make sure this is a good fit for the both of us.


Not sure which option is the best for you?

Still have questions about working together?

I love to offer 45 minute free, no obligation Clarity Calls to

discuss you, your goals and how I can support you.  

what do i help you move through?

  • Purpose & Passion

  • Connection to Self

  • Restructure thought processing and beliefs

  • Energetic Management/Boundary Techniques

  • Connection to Higher Power/Spiritual Guidance

  • Remembering your Birthright (abundance in all forms)

  • Healing on all levels (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, energetic)


If you are ready to work with me ... you feel a tug for something different. You are feeling lost or stuck within the path you are currently on, and do not know where to go next.


Things that were working are no longer working. 


You desire a deeper connection to your purpose and passion. You desire to stand fully in who you are, your personal power, and who you are here to be in this world. 

You no longer want to find validation from outside of yourself (job, amount of $$, material possessions, other people). You desire to find validation from within. A deep connection to your inner self.

You desire to heal - physically and energetically. You aren't afraid to do the work - the inner child work, the trauma work, the energetic work. You are open to healing on all levels.

You want to be able to regulate your nervous system, and therefore your own thoughts and emotions. You want to be able to release overarching feelings of fear, anxiety and sadness. We get to the root of these feelings. Heal them, release them and learn how to move freely with all feelings when they arise. 

You desire a deeper connection to Spirit (whatever that is to you). You desire intuitive guidance from someone who is connected to Spirit (that's me!). You desire a deeper understanding of the Universe, this world, and how to find regulation and balance within the struggles and the triumphs.

You want so much more for yourself and know that gaining support from someone who is committed to doing the work is paramount to your own transformation.

Does this sound like what you need?



As a practitioner, I use the following modalities/techniques:

  • Therapeutic Processing Techniques

  • Action/Goal-oriented techniques

  • Mindfulness/Meditation Techniques

  • Movement Incorporation

  • Breathing Techniques 

  • Energetic Management Techniques

We also discuss ...

  • Shifting perspectives and any stuck emotions within and around the body.

  • What could be keeping you stuck within your head, emotions, relationships, situations...

  • What specific action steps you are ready to take and the support you need to fulfill them.

  • Intuitive guidance and healing modalities to ease any dis-ease, discomfort or pain.

Book Breakthrough


When we choose to take our lives into our own hands - that's when everything changes. 

I have not gotten where I am today on my own.

I have had a multitude of therapists, coaches, mentors, counselors to be who I am today.

I encourage everyone around me to do the same - when and if they are ready.

I believe, and I have seen time and time again...


We cannot do this work on our own.

⁣I promise. I've tried.

If you are ready to begin this journey with me. I highly recommend for you to set up a 45 minute consultation call to make sure we are a great fit working together. If we do not feel like we are a good fit, then I will be able to refer you to someone who I think would be. I look forward to speaking with you and seeing how I can help.

book a clarity call today


> I have personally thought long and hard about the investment I ask clients for services. I believe the service and outcomes I help my clients generate and achieve is a direct reflection of the personal investments and work I put into myself and my continued training. I have seen the impact an investment has made when combined with direct action.


>> All sessions are held virtually, password-protected via Zoom. All calls are confidential.

>>> I have decided to not take insurance due to the privacy I like to afford my clients. Insurance companies are able to require practitioners to send in progress notes at any time to continue services. I do not feel comfortable divulging private information to an insurance company. I am happy to speak to you further on this if you have any questions.

i am ready to invest in myself...

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