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Counseling is perfect for you if you are feeling  unfulfilled & disconnected and you want to get to the root of what is coming up in your life in this moment. You are ready for something different. You want to feel fulfilled and deeply connected to yourself and other's in your life on a daily basis.


You desire to feel a sense of peace and 

freedom from within.

You desire to feel calm and centered

within the chaos of life.

You are ready to begin or continue with your

healing journey powerfully, and you are

willing to put in the work. 

You understand that healing happens from within - within you - your ability to be open, vulnerable and honest about what is coming up in your life. 

Counseling sessions are individually catered to you and your needs. They can be a mix of therapy, coaching, energy healing, somatic bodywork, spiritual discussion & integration, intuitive insights, masculine and feminine energetic balance, abundance, law of attraction, mindfulness, meditation and breathwork. 

After working with me, clients feel more present in their every day life; centered; more energy & vitality; grounded; mindful, and so much more.

Counseling sessions are available in-person (at my office) or virtually (via Zoom).

Energy Healing is a wonderful addition to any kind of personal healing you may be moving through, including therapy or counseling; coaching; medication assistance, or other prescribed interventions by a medical professional.


Energy Healing calms the nervous system for the body to open up to its innate healing processes. Within the modalities that I use, there is an opening for mental and emotional healing, as well as relief from physical pain and/or symptoms coming up in the body.

I've seen, within the hundreds of healing sessions I have done, the nervous system shift from sympathetic (fight, flight, freeze) to parasympathetic (rest, digest). When in parasympathetic, the body is able to heal and recover on its own - bringing in a natural approach to balance and harmony. 


I offer in person (in my office) and virtual (via Zoom) Energy Healing Sessions where I incorporate Reiki, Pranic Healing and Reflexology.

kind words from past clients

Image by Sixteen Miles Out

Brooke is patient and so good at seeking out the truth in others. She helped me to discover my true highest self and change the direction of my story that is my life. Brooke led me through a meditation that was an extremely powerful moment in my life. My meditation practice now gives me intense visuals and beautiful clarity. For this I will be forever grateful. I have manifested many miracles in my life in the past few months. I am understanding who my higher self is. I have learned to trust myself. I listen to that voice that is loving awareness. I have accessed my tools for a life of abundance and joy. I highly recommend working with Brooke if you are finding yourself stuck. If you have a voice inside you that is asking for guidance. I will treasure this experience forever.         

E. B. [Healthcare Professional, Mother, Creator]

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