are you ready for an intimate journey working one-on-one with me to make massive shifts in your life ?

I have crafted several unique ways for us to work together. All sessions are 1:1 and can be catered to your unique needs and desires,  however by the end of our time working together, my goals are always for you will feel confident and embodied, standing in your unique identity as a leader.

You are living from your heart, your true purpose and your true desire. 

‚ÄčThese containers are a culmination of my therapeutic education and experience; personal development work; healing modalities; intuitive guidance and channeling. They are coming from new consciousness grids and are truly life changing.

breakthrough session

A 2 week container that includes two 75 minute video calls and unlimited Voxer support. In this container we'll dive deep and set personalized goals for you that will help you release the blocks that are preventing you from stepping into the big vision you have for yourself.

evolved masculine template

A 3 month container that includes bi-weekly video calls and unlimited Voxer support. In this container we'll dive deep into releasing the toxic hyper-masculinity programs that are limiting your impact as a leader.There is also the opportunity for in person energetic work - clearing, releasing and aligning.

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