I am a Mental Health Therapist turned Energetic Alignment Coach/Mentor, Energetic Healer, Meditation/Yoga/Breathwork Teacher, Retreat Facilitator, Mama, and forever student of this beautiful life.
I specialize in guiding and supporting women who feel like they have lost that sense of spark in their life, career/business, relationship(s). Who have an overwhelming sense of heaviness, even when life seems to be 'so good'. My goal is to get you to great.
I do this by helping women shift their identity - the way you see yourself, others and the world around you. I help you reconnect to your mind, body, spirit, and energy in new and life-changing ways. 



are you ready to make massive

shifts in your life ?

I have a couple ways you can work with me. If you are looking for a transformational deep dive - to shift in all areas of your life - mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically. UPLEVEL is the program for you. I offer 3 to 6 month options within this program. These are 1:1 virtual sessions that are catered to your unique needs and desires. We dive in and start taking action immediately. Find out more information on UPLEVEL by CLICKING HERE

I offer in-person & virtual energetic healing sessions. I am trained in both Reiki and Pranic Healing. If you are interested in a healing session - CLICK HERE for more information.


Working 1:1 with me is a culmination of my therapeutic education and experience; personal development work; healing modalities; intuitive guidance and so much more. 

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My education and background are in Clinical Social Work. For the past 10 years I have worked in social services helping many people move through mental health dysregulation, trauma, addiction, grief, and holistically get their lives back on track.


And while I did go through many personal shifts in my career as a therapist, I still found I had a lot of inner work to do that therapy was not fully helping me move through.

When I decided to fully invest in myself and my inner transformation - that is when everything changed.

who am i to guide you along

your journey ?

want to know more about my journey ?

Working with me will help you answer one fundamental question:

What is my true power?

In your career/business, and in your life. You have something unique to offer yourself and the world. I am here to help you own, embody and celebrate whatever that is. It’s all about making the impact you were born to make in a way that feels energizing and fulfilling.


So if you're ready to evolve with me, I’m ready to help guide and lead you in your divine plan, purpose and power. 


If you’re unsure if this is the right guidance for you, let’s talk.

I offer a free, no-obligation connection call to make sure it is the perfect fit for your goals and dreams.

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