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I have been blessed to work with some amazing people in my journey.  I am so grateful for the kind words they have chosen to share with you.  


Elizabeth B

Nurse + Mom + Creator

Brooke is a healer. She is patient and so good at seeking out the truth in others. Brooke has allowed me to discover my true highest self and change the direction of my story that is my life. Life coaching is self-discovery in action. She lead me through a meditation that was an extremely powerful moment in my life. My meditation practice now gives me intense visuals and beautiful clarity. For this I will be forever grateful. I have manifested many miracles in my life in the past few months. I am understanding who my higher self is. I have learned to trust myself. I listen to that voice that is loving awareness. I have accessed my tools for a life of abundance and joy. I highly recommend working with Brooke if you are finding yourself stuck. If you have a voice inside you that is asking for guidance. I will treasure this experience forever. 


Brooke encouraged and supported me in envisioning an awesome life for myself by recognizing what I truly want. She guided me in setting and reaching realistic steps and provided resources to utilize in attaining my desires of personal fulfillment and security. She helped me to realize that the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back all this time were just self-imposed stories that I’ve used as survival mechanisms over the years to get by. Brooke helped me in finding my voice. I am now communicating my needs and feel empowered rather than guilty for making space for things that light me up. I catch myself marveling at moments of joy in unlikely or uncomfortable places. I have gained an understanding of what makes ME happy and feel well, and in turn I am happy and able to share the abundant parts of my joyous self with others instead of being resentful of giving away scarce pieces of my exhausted self. I feel like a whole, authentic, worthy human and I am so grateful to Brooke for providing the guidance to get me to this shiny place and showing me that I have the ability to continue to thrive on my own.

Kristen O

Health Care Provider +

Dog Mom + Creator

Kat K.jpg

Within working with Brooke, I now feel much more confident within my stress levels, communication, and being proud of my nutritional choices. Working with Brooke was inspirational and graceful, yet rigorous (challenging/forced me out of my comfort zone). One of the things I loved about working with Brooke was her incorporation of meditations, readings, podcasts, and book references. The goals I set with Brooke were more focused on feelings of confidence, and less on quantifiable metrics. This was a new way of goal setting for me because everything I was taught and have done around goal setting was focused on quantifiable goals. I learned to have more grace around attaining my goals because we were focusing on strong personal habits that are tough to break. As an incredibly driven achiever, this in and of itself was an important lesson. I believe Brooke is doing exactly what she was meant to be doing, and anyone that works with her will benefit incredibly through the journey.

Kat K

CEO & Co-Founder +


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