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It seems that human nature is such that we balk at changing until things get really bad and we're so uncomfortable that we can no longer go on with business as usual....We wait for crisis, trauma, loss, disease, and tragedy before we get down to looking at who we are, what we are doing, how we are living, what we are feeling, and what we believe or know, in order to embrace true change. Often it takes a worst-case scenario for us to begin making changes that support our health, relationships, career, family, and future. My message is: Why wait?  


We can learn and change in a state of pain and suffering, or we can evolve in a state of joy and inspiration....we just have to make up our minds that change will probably entail a bit of discomfort, some inconvenience, a break from a predictable routine, and a period of not knowing.

-Dr. Joe Dispenza

Take a moment to ask yourself these questions:

+ How have I been showing up in my life lately?  Within my relationships, within my career, within taking care of myself?  Have I been showing up at all?

+ How have I been living my life? In a state of joy & inspiration or in a state of pain & suffering?

+ What is the relationship I have with myself and my body? Do I celebrate my mind and my body? Or do I tend to be negative, uncomfortable & judgmental?

If you did not like your answers to those questions then it's time to take inspired action

It's time to make some changes.  You do not have to do this alone.  We humans tend to try the same thing over and over again expecting different results but that is the definition of insanity. 

I also tried the same things again and again and it wasn't until I found direction that everything started to make sense.

 I can help you find the direction and transformation you had know idea you were looking for.     

I believe this is the one life, the one body, the one mind we get to have -

this is our one chance to live a life of joy, of gratitude, of abundance.  To stop holding on to the pain and suffering, to learn how to let go and release.  To stop holding and instead...release.

Some other questions to ask yourself if you're still on the fence about working together. 

Also, take this time to check in! If you've made it this far then there's something that's tugging at you. 

Is your ego getting in the way?  It likes to do that - to say that you're comfortable right where you are.  But are you really?  Is your higher self screaming for something new, for something bigger, brighter?  Listen to that and continue on.

Are you feeling stuck with where you are?   

Are you feeling lost in this big magical world? 

Are you feeling numb and/or numbing to everyday life?   

Are you feeling overwhelmed and have no idea where to go? 

Are you feeling exhausted from seemingly simple tasks?   

Are you feeling burnt out with no end in sight?

Are you ready for something different?

I love working with people who are exactly where you are.

You are also exactly where you need to be.

Reach out and let's see how we can transform your life together.

The Structure of My Coaching Program

+ We will identify goals that light you up & bring so much excitement.

These are not just goals - they will become your new way of life.

+ We will identify where in your life you need to make shifts.

+ We will identify your blocks - your self-sabotaging beliefs, thoughts, stories.

+ We will identify how these beliefs, thoughts, stories have been manifesting in your life.

+ We will then release and clear what is no longer working for you.

+ You will rewrite your life, your stories, in alignment with who you are & who you want to be.

+ You will know who you truly are, and what you love to do.

+ You will learn how to deeply love yourself - mind, body & spirit.

+ You will learn how to live a life full of gratitude & abundance.

+ You will be able to sustain all of these goals & actions long term.

+ You will transform and change in ways that you never imagined.

I do want to point out that coaching is different than therapy.

+ If you decide to hire a coach, it is an investment in yourself, in your future.

+ Coaching does touch on the past but we do not sit in it.  We see how trauma and past events are currently manifesting in your life, and then we focus on how to release those to move gracefully and powerfully into your future.

+ If you are finding that you need more mental health or trauma therapy then I will be able to recommend you to an amazing therapist that will dig deeper into the past. 

+ Coaching is for those who are ready and willing to change. Who are tired of talking and are ready to take action.  To let go of your 'old self' and rise up into who you were destined to be - your higher self.

+ As a coach, I will support you and encourage you in many ways but I will also confront you when I know you are playing small and stuck in self-sabotaging & scarcity mentality.

+ I will inspire, empower, support, love and give everything I have to transform your life into the greatness you were made to be.


I am therapist at heart so I will introduce therapeutic techniques.  I will educate you and explain why I think a certain technique is useful if I decide to use one in session.  I think this is what makes me a unique coach.  I have the experience, tools, and resources to provide powerful transformation within a short period of time in your life.  What's stopping you from working with me? 

Run it by me...I'm good at seeing if it's 'worth it' or not.

I know this is a big decision to make.  I understand where you're at right now.  Please reach out with any questions you have.  I'm right here


I look forward to hearing from you!




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