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Before beginning the breathing practice I felt like I was carrying a lot, mentally and physically. After the practice I felt like the heaviness and pressure I was feeling had been lifted. I felt like I had gone on a journey and found parts of myself I had been looking for - leaving the heaviness behind and finding newness within myself. If you are unsure about trying this out, I will say that it is worth the experience. Brooke creates a very welcoming and safe space. It is very meaningful to go and be in the safe space she creates for people. 

Leah A.

I hadn't heard of Breathwork until I met Brooke. Over the years, on again, off again, I have taken spiritual inward looks. However, when I retired with more time, I began down this 'rabbit hole' in earnest. I didn't know that a childhood affected by the disease of addiction was coming along for the ride with me. Breathwork sessions with Brooke have begun to make that clear. Counseling, Reiki, 12 step groups, reading, yoga have all helped, but it's the Breathwork that has blown the Pandora's box wide open! Not for the faint of heart but Brooke is a talented therapist and will be there with you for every 'breath' you take.

The Neighbor Lady


Before attending the Energy Healing Training with Brooke, I was feeling scattered, empty, anxious and depleted. I now feel such a deep sense of calm - that everything will be okay. I feel connected to my highest self, and more integrated in mind, body and spirit. I would highly recommend this training to anyone. Trust that small whisper inside your heart telling you to take a leap of faith. You deserve to experience peace and joy. You deserve time to yourself to receive pure love and the highest intentions for healing. 

Kimberly L.

I came into the Energy Healing Training feeling unclear, unsure, and a dysregulated nervous system. I now have a renewed sense of peace. I feel like I have been focusing on the darkness of the world, and this experience brought love back into my life. I gained tools this weekend that I will use on myself and my family in our everyday life. If you are considering this training, I highly recommend for you to take the leap and invest in yourself! You will gain peace, a restored sense of self, and so many amazing connections!

Melissa A.

Before attending the EH Training, I was feeling overwhelmed and a lot of self doubt. And now? My shoulders are less tight. I feel almost kid-like in my joy and happiness. I feel validated. I loved the friendships made and the powerfulness of the universe flowing through so many like minded/hearted people. I would highly recommend this training as it is life changing on so many levels.

Tara P.

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