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Welcome to Freedom Retreats

Welcome to finding freedom from within.

Freedom Retreats began in 2019 with the desire to bring people together for connection, wellness, growth, and an overall sense of freedom.

Freedom Retreats are built on a foundation of safety,

spaciousness, growth, healing, transformation, adventure, fun

and play. Pure Freedom.

Within Freedom Retreats, you will find the following:

  • Connections & Friendships that will last a lifetime

  • Spiritual Growth & Development

  • Mindful Meditations (for all levels)

  • Breathwork (for all levels)

  • Mindful Movement through yoga (for all levels)

  • Somatic Movement (to release & let go of stuck energy)

  • Hiking/Walking trails (for all levels)

  • Time in nature

  • Discussions on Energetic Clearing, Protection & Management

  • Journaling/Journal Prompts for Reflection

  • Intentional Time for Sharing of Experiences

  • Quiet Time to Yourself

Image by Jernej Graj

Every retreat I host is special and catered specifically to each participant.

I want this to be such a beautiful, wonderful and transformational experience for you.

Freedom Retreats are filled with connection; time for sharing our deepest pains and desires;

adventure/fun; somatic/energy healing; breathwork –

everything to open space for a deeper connection to self, nature, spirit, and each other –

to find a true sense of freedom.

I hope you join us for a one of kind, all-inclusive retreat!

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