I am a Mental Health Therapist turned Energetic Alignment Mentor. I help women powerfully show up in their life and business. My passion is working with powerful, driven women who are looking for something more in their lives. A deeper connection to themselves, to others, to Spirit, to the world around them. I love helping these women deconstruct the boxes she has been put into and make her own rules. I love being with and supporting women who are ready for growth & evolution on new levels. I love teaching women how to master their energetics in life and business to fully thrive. I love being a grounded, non-judgmental, honest support and mirror for my clients.

I do this by helping women become aware of their own energetic blueprint - getting really clear on what uplifts & uplevels your energy, as well as what drains your energy. When we get really clear of this & practice focusing on the Uplevel of energy - that is when everything shifts.

Hi! I am Brooke Brasfield

You are clear about who you are and what you want. 
You are rooted in your personal power and your energy.
You are able to set and stick to boundaries with yourself and with others.
You are able to honor all of your emotions. You are able to feel them in the moment.
You are connected to your own inner emotional intelligence.
You no longer search outside of yourself for safety or comfort.
You are able to find everything within yourself.
You feel more light, free & at ease [than you ever thought possible].

Growth is not a chore - it is a responsibility - it is a gift.

How do I help?

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Are you ready to deepen your connection to yourself & make shifts in your life?

I have a couple ways you can work with me. If you are looking for a transformational deep dive - to shift in all areas of your life - mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically. UPLEVEL is the program for you. I offer a couple of different options within this program. These are 1:1 virtual sessions that are catered to your unique needs and desires. We dive in and start taking aligned action immediately. Find out more information on UPLEVEL by CLICKING HERE

I offer in-person & virtual energetic healing sessions. I am trained in both Reiki and Pranic Healing.

If you are interested in a healing session - CLICK HERE for more information.


Working 1:1 with me is a culmination of my therapeutic education and experience; personal development work; healing modalities; intuitive guidance and so much more. 

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My background is in Clinical Social Work. For the past 10 years I have been a therapist working within mental health and addiction. I have supported thousands of clients in connecting to their mind, body & spirit to live a balanced and whole life. I have taught clients and groups on mindfulness/meditation, coping skills for depression/anxiety, altering beliefs & the subconscious, decreasing trauma on the nervous system, heart rate variability to increase focus & performance, energetics to balance the mind & body, and so much more. 

I have spent the last 3 years building my own business to support more women who are ready to walk along this path with me. Women who desire to know themselves more deeply than ever. To be able to hold so much space for themselves that they are able to hold more space for their families and clients. Women who want to change the way they heal & support themselves to be able to serve - to help heal & support others. 

Who am I to guide you along your journey?

My Journey

A little bit more about me ...


I have always loved being outside, in nature. As a kid, I'm pretty sure that's the only place you could find me. When I am not supporting amazing women, you will tend to find me out in nature - walking, hiking, swimming, hammocking, building a fire, reading, camping. The outdoors is food for my soul.
I am an advocate for national parks and two of my favorite are Zion & Yosemite. They are breathtaking.

I have a daughter named Mercy, which means compassion or touched by a spiritual being. She was a surprise baby. We found out a week before the world shut down. I decided to have an unmedicated birth that ended up lasting 30 hours. This reminded me how strong and powerful women are - how strong and powerful I am. We have the strength to move mountains, and birth beautiful babies (if we choose to).
She is a gift. She reminds me of compassion & love every day.


I believe I am a spiritual being living in a human world. I believe everything that happens in life is an opportunity for growth and evolution. I believe I am an energetic being; that everything is made up of energy; and I have the power to create whatever I desire by becoming a master & transformer of my energy.
I believe in Spirit and I believe in unconditional love & positive regard. This belief, this faith, this trust, has changed the way I live and show up to my life.

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