Brooke Brasfield

this is for those who are

craving something more

deeper connection   internal healing   spiritual guidance

The ones who have been trying so hard to make the world a better place but somehow feel like they’re treading water.

I see you.

I hear you.

I support you.


I honor you.

and i'm here to guide you


I specialize in giving you the exact tools and support you need to help harness your own personal power.


For you to shift the way you see yourself, others and the world around you.

This is the beginning of soul work - connecting and healing your soul to bring positive change in yourself, your environment and the world around you.


Brooke is a healer. She is patient and so good at seeking out the truth in others. Brooke has allowed me to discover my true highest self and change the direction of my story that is my life. Brooke led me through a meditation that was an extremely powerful moment in my life. My meditation practice now gives me intense visuals and beautiful clarity. For this I will be forever grateful. I have manifested many miracles in my life in the past few months. I am understanding who my higher self is. I have learned to trust myself. I listen to that voice that is loving awareness. I have accessed my tools for a life of abundance and joy. I highly recommend working with Brooke if you are finding yourself stuck. If you have a voice inside you that is asking for guidance. I will treasure this experience forever. 


Healthcare Professional

are you ready to make massive

shifts in your life ?

All sessions are currently 1:1 and are catered to your unique needs and desires. By the end of our time working together, my goals are always that you feel confident standing in your own unique identity - you are living from your heart, your true purpose and your true desire. And, of course, you are always welcome to continue to come back for a refresher session whenever you need support and/or guidance in your life. Always here for you.

Working 1:1 with me is a culmination of my therapeutic education and experience; personal development work; healing modalities; intuitive guidance and so much more. 

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so who am i to guide you along

your journey ?

My background is in Clinical Social Work (Mental Health Concentration). For the past 10 years I have worked in social services helping many types of people move through mental health dysregulation, trauma, addiction, grief and holistically get their lives back on track. And while I did go through many personal shifts in my career as a therapist, I still found I had a lot of inner work to do that therapy was not fully helping me move through.

When I decided to fully invest in myself and my evolution - that's when everything changed.

want to know more about my journey ?

Within working with Brooke, I now feel much more confident within my stress levels, communication, and being proud of my life choices. Working with Brooke was inspirational and graceful, yet rigorous (challenging/forced me out of my comfort zone). The goals I set with Brooke were more focused on feelings of confidence, and less on quantifiable metrics. This was a new way of goal setting for me because everything I was taught and have done around goal setting was focused on quantifiable goals. I learned to have more grace around attaining my goals because we were focusing on strong personal habits that are tough to break. As an incredibly driven achiever, this in and of itself was an important lesson. I believe Brooke is doing exactly what she was meant to be doing, and anyone that works with her will benefit incredibly through the journey.


CEO/Health Care Advocate

Working with me will help you answer one fundamental question:

What is my true power?

In your career/business, and in your life. You have something unique to offer yourself and the world. I am here to help you own, embody and celebrate whatever that is. It’s all about making the impact you were born to make in a way that feels energizing and fulfilling.


So if you're ready to evolve with me, I’m ready to help guide and lead you in your divine plan, purpose and power. 


If you’re unsure if this is the right guidance for you, let’s talk.

I offer a free, no-obligation consultation call to make sure I’m the perfect coach/therapist/intuitive for you.

reach out and book your call today

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