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Hello and Welcome! Thank you for being here.

A little about me ...
I began my professional journey as an addiction and mental health therapist. During that time, I found myself burnt out and unfulfilled. I was not present - I was missing out on my own life. I was not taking care of myself. Talk therapy was not working for me anymore. I felt disconnected from myself, others, and the world around me. I noticed there was a gap in my own healing journey and that is when I dove into holistic healing modalities. I attribute these modalities to opening my mind, heart, and bringing me back to my spirit - amplifying every area of my life.

This is what has led me on my true path of growth and healing, and I deeply want the same for you.

I am the founder and owner of Holistic Healing and Freedom Retreats.

I am a Licensed Clinical Therapist (LCSW); RYT Yoga Instructor; Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, Pranic Healer and Breathwork Facilitator. I incorporate therapy, reiki, pranic healing, somatic bodywork and breathwork throughout my practice and retreats to facilitate mind body spirit connection, healing and transformation. 

Have you been looking for something different?

You have tried different avenues to your inner growth and healing,

but what you are doing is no longer hitting home.


Are you are looking for a deeper connection to yourself, to others,

to Spirit, to the world around you?

Are you ready for deep and powerful change? 

Are ready for growth & evolution on new levels?

This is where I come in.

I am a grounded, non-judgmental, honest support and mirror for my clients.

I consider myself a guide, a support -

for you to be the catalyst of your own inner growth and healing.


I believe you have all of the answers within you.

We merely need to wipe away all of the conditioning, constructs,

thoughts and stories that are not serving the true you.

I believe this is a life long practice and service to ourselves and

the generations to come. Welcome to generational healing.

I started my own private practice to be able to educate, support and guide my clients in different holistic areas. Some of those being: somatic bodywork, energetic healing, spirituality, breathwork, freedom techniques - to integrate the whole mind, body, spirit.

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current offerings

60 Minute

Counseling Session

These sessions are if you are in need of gaining clarity, peace, freedom, ease and balance within your life.

You want to feel seen, heard and supported in a nurturing way. These are talk-centered sessions that usually include meditation, breathwork and other skills offered to you to help support you on your journey. These sessions also include email support.

90 Minute Counseling + Energy Healing Session

These sessions are a mix of counseling and energy healing. We identify what areas in your life you are feeling stuck or heavy energy. We discuss the thought patterns, emotions and/or behaviors that coincide. We then spend the rest of the session working on the energy bodies and discharging these energies from the nervous system - bringing safety, calm and balance to the system.

60 Minute

Energy Healing Session

These sessions are based solely on cleansing, purifying and energizing the nervous system to bring balance and harmony.

I use 2 different healing modalities - Reiki and Pranic Healing (learn more HERE). Energy Healing is great if you need rest, relaxation, recovery, release. Sessions are trauma-informed and are wonderful to ease a stressed or turbulent mind, body, spirit.

What are you looking for?

Are you looking for a transformational deep dive?

Would you enjoy finding the root of an issue to open a path to healing & growth from within?

Are you open to looking at all areas of your life - mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically?


Then Counseling or Counseling + Energy Healing is for you. These are 1:1 in-person or virtual sessions that are catered to your unique needs & goals for your life or business. We dive in and start taking aligned action immediately.

Are you looking to immediately relieve stress, anxiety, overwhelm & tension in the body?

Are you looking to find balance with your thoughts & emotions?

Would you like to feel nourished, taken care of and supported completely?

Then Energy Healing Sessions are for you. I offer both in-person & virtual sessions. I am trained in both Reiki and Pranic Healing. CLICK HERE for more information.

Learn more about sessions

This is what I want for you:

You are clear about who you are and what you want. 
You are rooted in your personal power and your energy.
You are able to set and stick to boundaries with yourself and with others.
You are able to honor all of your emotions. You are able to feel them & allow them to flow.
You are connected to your own inner emotional intelligence.
You no longer search outside of yourself for safety or comfort.
You are able to find everything within yourself.
You feel more light, free & at ease [than you ever thought possible].

Growth is not a chore - it is a responsibility - it is a gift.

How do I help?

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