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Brooke Brasfield

Could toxic distorted masculine be the one thing holding you back from what you truly desire ?

How do you know if you’re running toxic distorted masculine programs ?

The masculine is an energy that flows through all of us. As humans we have a mix of both masculine and feminine energies for internal balance.

In men, this manifests as …

Continuously chasing the next best thing; always searching for how to ‘be better’ - how to be more successful, how to make more money, how to accumulate more material things. The focus being on the external for validation instead of the internal.

In women, this manifests as ...

Pushing yourself so hard that by the end of the day you’re exhausted and burnt out; you attempt to control everything around you and feel like the world is against you when things don’t go your way; you don’t know how to surrender or let go.


If you’re in this, it’s okay!

Our culture has rewarded this type of programming for many years and a lot of people are deep into this distorted masculine programming. But the human collective is moving into a new paradigm and those who identify as overly ambitious and driven AND are running toxic masculine programs are hitting a wall. On the other side of that wall is what you desire, which could be … a deep knowing of what you are here to do and who you are here to serve; feeling free to express yourself and confidently own who you are;  living in your purpose with ease and clarity and actually making the impact you've been put here to make.

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the evolved masculine template redefines a new way for masculine beings to create and live in their purpose. I’ll teach you to lead from the masculine but still be connected to the self, heart and honor the feminine within you.

i'm ready to step into a new paradigm of leadership

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In this container together, we will dive deep into:

full system recoding

Shift ego resistance - scarcity mindset - guilt/shame programs - resentments, self-hatred and anger through cognitive rewiring, body mechanic programming, soul retrieval and energetic integration.

trauma upgrading & filtering

We no longer need to give our power to our trauma. That being said, we will upgrade your perspective around these impressions and filter them through specific processes that will be tailored uniquely to you.

masculine & feminine integration

We will integrate an internal balance between the masculine and feminine energies to harness your true power. We will bring in more feminine energy to harness more freedom, ease, surrender, receiving - which will bring in more pure power, authenticity and truth.

spiritual guidance & purpose alignment

I am rooted in complete spiritual growth and perspective. Every client I work with will have access to the guidance that I receive from my spiritual team. This will bring you the knowledge and awareness of what is keeping you from your full alignment and your true purpose.

embodied leadership

You are on the leading edge. You desire to process events, situations, ideas with mindful self-awareness. You will learn how to process through both your mind and your body. You will learn how to release egoic patterns; the way ‘society’ views leadership; release fear, scarcity and the push mentality.


how can a feminine leader lead the masculine ?

I’ve discovered that a feminine leader, when coming from pure power and purpose, is what shifts the toxic distorted masculine — in BOTH men AND women.

We are in a time where leaders, male leaders specifically, need to be initiated into DIVINE masculine by divine feminine leadership.

The feminine is the key to unlocking the healing of the masculine.

We cannot simply heal the masculine without bringing in the feminine. And in order to do this we first have to heal the toxic distorted masculine way of being.


Because the masculine requires initiation into pure power and strength by surrendering to the feminine.

You can think of this as the way water moves over a rock. The water (the feminine) smoothes and molds the rock (the masculine) — shifting and shaping it to move into softness — which is a form of the feminine — and in this state is PURE power.

From this perspective, the feminine (water) is here to wear away the toxic distorted masculine — leaving behind only that which is DIVINE masculine.⁣

My purpose lies in helping both male and female leaders find internal balance to embody their unique edge and lead with purpose to create a greater impact in the world.

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I cannot tell you the power that will be harnessed from this container. It is already laced with pure intention, healing and transformative energy. By the end of our time working together, you will be living from your heart, your true purpose, your true desire - from the deep knowing of who you are, who you are meant to be and who you are here to serve in this world. Through this, you will be able to step into greater dimensions of impact in a way that feels connected, embodied and fulfilled. You will feel confident standing in your unique identity as a leader, finally feeling the impact you are making and creating actual change. The evolution, if you’re ready for it, will give you the strength to move forward in your purpose and mission in more integrity and passion than you could ever imagine.

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