- This virtual group is on March 20, 2020 at 6pm CST.


- Instructions and link to join the group via Zoom will be emailed to you by March 20, 2020 by 4pm CST.


- A recording will be sent to you after the class if you are unable to attend live.


- Registration closes at 6pm CST on March 20. If you sign up after 6pm CST, you will not be able to attend live, but you will be sent the recording.


As the Winter months fade away and Spring flows in, develop your own sense of blossoming and opening up with the expansion of the breath. As the days get shorter in the winter months, it is a time for rest and rejuvenation. Through the breath we can cleanse and move through any heaviness that came with the winter months and move into Spring feeling a sense of expansion and rejuvenation. The breathwork practice I will be offering in the virtual session will offer just that.


We will begin our breathwork practice with a short meditation to open up the space. I will discuss the energy around releasing the winter months and opening up to the spring months ahead. 


We will then dive into breathwork with selected music for the season.


Breathwork is a powerful experience and is amplifyed when in a group setting. When we set the intention to breathe together, we set the intention to open ourselves up to something bigger than ourselves.


The breath helps us to dive into deeper states of healing - mentally, emotionally, energetically, physically and so much more. This 3 part breath can stir up emotions ready to be released; it can bring up an all encompassing feeling of joy and bliss; and the breath opens up the heart space for deep love and support.


I am so excited to take you on this breathing journey!


Cost: $30


*No credits or refunds are available for this group.

Spring Expansion Virtual Breathwork (in the comfort of your own home) March 20

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