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A 90 Day Journey for the Healer Within

Hello Healer,


Have you been looking for an open and supportive space to begin a deep and transformative internal shift [mentally, emotionally, physically spiritually] ?? 

Have you taken on the role(s) of the healer, helper, supporter, listener in your professional and personal life and feel like you've lost you within those roles ??

Have you been finding that you give, give, give and have difficulty putting your needs first or even have the time or effort to do so ??

Do you have this deep desire to release the internal pressure and instead ... fully connect to yourself and your purpose in this world ??

Are you ready for the support you truly desire and deserve ??

Well then, D E V O T E D, is perfect for you.

Ready to begin?

Get ready to ...

  • Feel fulfilled, energized, confident and self-assured in every area of your life 


  • Know exactly who you are and what you want (and own it


  • Cultivate a deeper sense of purpose and passion within your life 


  • Allow more quality time for self and for family (without feeling shame or guilt


  • Receive no BS support and accountability from me - the whole way


  • Navigate doubt, insecurity and fear without physical anxiety


  • Release self-critical thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving you


  • Heal past (and current) trauma, pain, guilt and shame

  • Release the pressure, find peace within, and fall back in love with your life

Roots of D E V O T E D




Energetic Management/Boundary Setting

Compassion/Radical Acceptance

Root essentially means 'to establish deeply and firmly'. A root is a direct support for nourishment and strength - roots keep us centered and grounded - at all times. These 5 roots are the intertwined within all the work we will do together. 

+ Mindset consists of shifting out of old thought patterns including the inner critic, the victim, the good/bad girl/boy, the villain, etc. The thought patterns that can keep you stuck in a way of living that simply does not feel good. The thought patterns that keep you from aligning to your Highest Self and therefore highest potential.

+ Taking full responsibility of your thoughts, emotions and actions is top priority - this releases patterns of blame, shame, guilt, judgement, jealousy, etc. You take your power back by taking full responsibility. When you are able to show yourself Compassion and Radical Acceptance in both the triumphs and the struggles - you thrivewe all thrive. You become happier, healthier and automatically receive more peace, freedom and clarity in your life. 

Healing takes place on all levels [mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually]. You become open to healing on all levels. Healing past trauma and/or childhood experiences from a place of joy and excitement, instead of from the wound itself. You are able to release all thoughts, emotions, behavioral patters and somatic experiences that are no longer serving you. 


Just think ... What could this do for you ??  For your life ?? For your relationships ??  For every part of you ??


+ Inner and outer Boundary Setting and Energetic Management is imperative for you to feel the way you desire to feel consistently and effortlessly. You set boundaries around your inner critic; around physical activity and movement; around taking time for yourself. You practice energetic management techniques to release the energetic connection between yourself and your clients, friends/family, career, etc. You do this to bring your energy back to you - back to where it belongs. You do this with direct support and accountability from me.

Spirituality, I believe, brings this all together. We determine what spirituality means to you. We determine what Higher Power means to you. You get to decide what this looks like for you. No one else. Your spirituality is your direct link to Spirit - your constant support and strength in those moments, when you feel completely alone and misunderstood - we've all been there. Spirit is the synchronicities, the signs, the intuition, the gut feeling - the path leading you back home to you.

What would it feel like to fully integrate these roots into your life?

Sand Dunes

Who am I to lead you on this transformative journey?

Hello there! I am Brooke. I am beyond happy you are here. A little more about me ...

I have taken and continue to take on many different roles. Some of them being Licensed Mental Health & Addiction Therapist; Life Coach; Spiritual Guide; Energetic Healer; Mind[less] & Meditation Guide; Yoga Instructor; Student; Teacher.


I currently feel most called to identify myself as a Healer for the Healer. As you may already know, a Healer can take on many roles ... this could be a therapist, teacher, social worker, mother/father, yoga instructor, nurse, energetic healer, doctor, physical therapist - anyone who feels a pull to heal themselves or others. As a Healer for the Healer, I have devoted myself to my own personal healing.  I do this for myself, yes, but I also do this for you.

I believe we first have to heal our own wounds to therefore heal others and the world around us.


For a long time, I wasn't working on myself, I wasn't healing. I was in a difficult place and it was effecting the work I love to do. I was working from a place of burn out, of sadness, of anxiety, of fear ... I wasn't working from where I work now ... heart, love, leadership, joy, peace, excitement. 

This is what I want for you. For all of my clients. To know, deep down, you are guiding, leading, serving from a place of wholeness, of authenticity, of integrity. You know who you are and what you are here to do. You know exactly what you want and you call that to you. You are open to receive support, knowledge, guidance, abundance - of every kind.

You deserve this and so much more.

Ready to begin?

 I know working with someone for 3 months can be a big step. I've been there, I get it.

It takes trust within me and within yourself.

I honor all questions and concerns you may have.

I welcome them with open arms.


Please email me with any questions or concerns - really anything that is coming up in your mind.

I'm here for it all. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  



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